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The communities of Richmond, Hanover and De Aar had the opportunity to join in the recent storytelling events around Bloch. Bloch has traveled the Globe and the Karoo has been so fortunate to receive this very well known artwork here.

Bloch first stopped at Hanover Primary School where it was introduced to the children.  Kaylin Coetzee entertained the children with dancing, Ulrich Namasan offered a very energetic collaborative drumming session, while the Khazimla Team performed a short drama of the three little sheep and sang an old traditional songs.

Thereafter Bloch was taken to Rietfontein farm among rock "koppies" covered with San engravings. 60 people gathered around the campfire and Bloch for a 24 hour "Langasem" Storytelling marathon.

Stories were told by Helena Malan, Franky Sequeira, pupils from Eureka Primary School, Burgersdorp, local people and Khazimla Team.  The people collaborated in a drumming session with Ulrich Namasan. Puppetrix produced wonderful puppet shows in which Choemé Grobler and Chanmari Erasmus entertained the children with environmental supportive plays. The very talented Kaylin Coetzee entertained the crown with contemporary dancing. It was quite challenging to stay awake for 24 hours, but the beautiful sunrise made it worthwhile.

From Rietfontein farm Bloch travelled to De Aar where storytelling continued at Hompie Kedompie, Lollapot, Bubele, Mthuthuzeli and St. John’s Primary School. The children were entertained by Puppetrix girls: Chanmari Erasmus and Choemè Grobler.  Helena Malan told a story and again Kaylin Coetzee performed a dance for the children.

Bloch arrived at Khazimla at 2pm, Friday afternoon where more entertainment took place until the completion of the 24 hour marathon at 6pm.  1500 children participated in this wonderful enriching programme. Our appreciation goes to Roger Gentinetta and Claudia Schwinn for a marvelous visit and effort to show this world renown artwork to the children of the Karoo.